Monday, September 29, 2014

Well orchestrated distribution. Or maybe not

The Obama adminsitration has placed illegal aliens all across America, and as predicted, it's causing problems for local school districts. 

Real life can be dangerous

"Too many young middleclass women, raised far from the urban streets, seem to expect adult life to be an extension of their comfortable, overprotected homes...

"Misled by the naive optimism and 'You go, girl!' boostterism of heir upbringing, young women do not see the animal eyes glowing at them in the dark." - Camille Paglia, writing at TIME

Obama contradicts himself

This is one of those things that make you go "hmmm":

"What we also have to do is we have to come up with political solutions in Iraq and Syria, in particular, but in the Middle East generally that arrive in the combination between Sunni and Shia populations that right now are the biggest cause of conflict, not just in the Middle East, but in the world." - Barack Obama, 28 Sep 2014, 60 Minutes interview.

My webcast co-host Don Dickinson notes this is a very strange thing for Obama to say since Obama has long been on record as saying Islam has nothing to do with all the terror going on world-wide.

After a month-long break, Don and I will be back with our program on Friday, October 3rd.

"Dating Profile"

A well done political ad. But it would be better if more Republicans running for reelection hadn't been so eager to enable those who've brought us to where we are now.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

By any excuse necessary...

Progressives want to kill the U.S. Constitution so bad they can hardly stand it.

Via Twitter:

But you should have learned from Obamacare, you can't trust progressives or the promises they make.

They'll tell you a new constitution will make things all better.

What it would be more likely to do is give them freer hands to complete their socialist remake of the good ol' USA.

Friday, September 26, 2014

On the road...

And if there's one thing I enjoy when traveling, it's exposure to the overly simplistic journalism presented in print by USA Today.

Here's the big story on Money section front page that greeted me at breakfast this morning.

Seriously, I've been watching the stock market with an especially sharp interest the past few weeks.

It's my opinion the market's under some pressure right now, and may be on the verge of a consequential pull-back. The BABA IPO may be big, but it's small potatoes in terms of the systemic problems bubbling under the surface in our present economy.

 (BABA is the ticker symbol for Alibaba Group, which just began trading on the NYSE).

Eric Holder to soon say 'buh-bye'

I was on the road yesterday so didn't closely follow the Eric Holder resignation story.

Did a little catching up last night.

My off-the-cuff, gut assessment:

The Democrats need something to stir things up before the mid-terms, something that lets them point fingers at Republicans where they yell and scream about "obstructionism."

The Dems attempt to use impeachment as such a measure got circumvented. So maybe a ginned up AG nomination fight can fill the gap on short notice.

I do find the timing of a Holder resignation a bit odd. Mr. Holder inserted himself in the Ferguson, Missouri mess in a big way. For all the stirring that was done, it seems odd Holder's chosen now to walk away.

Then again, Holder's leaving appears contingent on Obama getting a replacement.  And if Obama picks a flawed nominee (or two or three), and can't secure a senate confirmation vote, I wonder how much longer Mr. Holder might continue in his present capacity.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Could the Obamas really be this naive?

After the President's speech to the UN yesterday, the Washington Times describes "Obama's  breathtaking naivete."

An excerpt from the Times' piece:
Simply believing something doesn’t make it so. The president’s desire for a world in which nations talk openly about their true feelings, perhaps share a good cry together, and sing kumbaya around the campfire, is the height of naivete. 
So is this passage of his speech: ” … the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam. Islam teaches peace. Muslims the world over aspire to live with dignity and a sense of justice. And when it comes to America and Islam, there is no us and them, there is only us.” 
The New Yorker/July 21, 2008
But Islam and the holy Koran on which Muslim militant groups like al Qaeda and the Islamic State base their actions do call for the extermination of all who do not follow Islam, do demand that followers kill anyone who leaves the religion, do subjugate women. For the record, the Koran contains more than 100 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers.
Meanwhile, Michelle Obama was also at the UN, where she proclaimed that America's "harmful cultural norms" are hurting women.

What is it about this couple that make it so willing to defend Islam, yet bash America?

Perhaps that July 2008 cover from the New Yorker came closer to the truth than most dared admit at the time.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Obama-hated F-22s in combat role over Syria, Part II

I've had a few messages. I get it. Not everyone is a fan of the F-22.

The F-22 was pricey, it had significant cost over runs, and there were technical developmental issues even after the fighter was placed in service.

But the woes of the F-22 are likely no more out of line with cost and waste than the F-35 project...
F-35 Joint Strike Fighters
File photo/Courtesy U.S. Air Force
which may be far more egregious.

CNBC recently borrowed this from the Fiscal Times:
The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is the most expensive, and possible the most error ridden, project in the history of the United States military. But DOD has sunk so much money into the F-35 — which is expected to cost $1.5 trillion over the 55-year life of the program — that the Pentagon deemed it "too big to fail" in 2010. 
Heck, by the time it belatedly takes its role as a front line fighter in a wide spread capacity, an F-35 may cost as much per copy as an F-22.
"A single Air Force F-35A costs a whopping $148 million. One Marine Corps F-35B costs an unbelievable $251 million. A lone Navy F-35C costs a mind-boggling $337 million. Average the three models together, and a 'generic' F-35 costs $178 million," (government watchdog Winslow) Wheeler wrote. 
And the F-35 price tag keeps gaining altitude.
"The cost of an F-35B grew from $232 million in 2014 to a bulging $251 million by 2015," Wheeler wrote. "The cost of the Navy's F35C grew from $273 million in 2014 to a wallet-busting $337 million by 2015." 
The full roll-out of the F-35 is still a long way off...

About a year ago, Aviation Week reported what were then advertised as F-35 in-service expectations:
U.S. Marine Corps: December 2015 (with 2B software capability) 
U.S. Air Force: December 2016 (with 3I software capability)  
U.S. Navy: February 2019 (with 3F software capability) 
Don't fret the delays. Over at DoD, Chuck Hagel tells pilots not to worry:
“We're not going to put the F-35 in the air air send it anywhere until we are absolutely convinced and know that it's safe to fly,” Hagel said. “As to timing, I'll leave that up to the experts, who will come back to us and make a recommendation.” 
Meanwhile, some of the F-15s our military's still flying are long overdue for retirement. But the F-15 is what Obama wanted as a backdrop for a photo op in 2009.

The F-15 is a fighter design that's been in service with the Air Force since Gerry Ford was president. The F-15 was on Air Force flight lines when Obama was still running with the Choom Gang.

Yet it was the F-22 that Obama called outdated.

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Obama-hated F-22s in combat role over Syria --

In the anti-ISIS air campaign over Syria, America's F-22 stealth fighter finally makes its combat debut.

File photo/Courtesy: U.S. Air Force 
From Defense Tech, a website:
“Syria is not Libya,” Mark Gunzinger, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, a research organization in Washington, D.C., said last year in an interview with Military​.com. “Their air defense systems are more formidable. Using F-22s to help suppress those threats and support penetrating capability may be a good idea.” 
But wait. Obama hates, hates, hates the F-22.

"I reject the notion that we have to waste billions of taxpayer dollars on outdated and unnecessary defense projects to keep this nation secure," said Obama, in reference to the F-22, in 2009.

Obama led the cheerleading to prematurely kill the F-22 program.

Obama hated the F-22 so much, the White House refused to let one be seen in an Obama photo-op backdrop...

From 2009, as reported at
When President Obama spoke to troops at Alaska's Elmendorf Air Force Base last month, the unit there parked a shiny new F-22 fighter plane in the hangar. But according to multiple sources, White House aides demanded the plane be changed to an older F-15 fighter because they didn't want Obama speaking in front of the F-22, a controversial program he fought hard to end.  
"White House aides actually made them remove the F-22-said they would not allow POTUS to be pictured with the F-22 in any way, shape, or form," one source close to the unit relayed. 
As international threats to the U.S. and its interests now escalate, do you trust Obama-the-picky photo-op-president to keep the nation safe for the next two years?

Update: I've posted a follow up.