Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Holiday death tolls

Nice try, Baltimore.

But Chicago still reigns as top progressive city when it comes to holiday weekend shooting deaths and woundings.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Left wants a draft

The Left increasingly sees military as a tool for forced social change.

Women in combat, gay and transgender acceptance, anti-Christian dogma...

Now that these and other PC views are getting embedded in the services, no one should be surprised that the Left now ramps up efforts to start selling America on reviving the draft.

The Left's primary desire in reviving the draft, I suspect, is not because it's vital to the defense of America, but to force wide exposure to what amounts to a year or two or three of Pentagon administered progressive-themed reeducation camp.

Might also serve a purpose to make some of the unemployed youth vanish from federal unemployment stats for a time.

Can you imagine the sorry draftees that would be pulled into the ranks with a draft? All for the sake of diversity, of course.

Then again, dodging the draft might be easier in our progressive era.

Don't wanna serve? Get a quick diagnosis in ADHD or some kind of bi-polar malady, and get the doc to prescribe the proper meds that are on the military's no-go list.

Obama's Syrian refugee airlift

Obama's been airlifting Syrian refugees our way for a while.

But it's apparently not going nearly fast enough to satisfy some Democrats.

Some Senate Democrats, including Dick Durban of Illinois, want at least 65,000 Syrians resettled here in the U.S.

What are the chances the Obama team can vet its Syrian refugees any better than it's vetted its so-called "moderate" rebels in Syria?

Once armed by the U.S., those "moderate" rebels oft seem to pack up their stuff and crossover to ISIS or al Qaeda.

How many Jihadists would love a free flight to the U.S. where they'd find a stack of public assistance benefits waiting, allowing them to embed nicely before resuming their Jihad in the heartland of our nation?

For a refresher on Dick Durbin and some of his political allies back home in Chicago, check out this clip from May 2013.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Revolutionary change is farther along than you may realize

Washington DC is not out of touch. It's more like big political parties and big bureaucracies now seem to think they're big enough to steamroller over the wishes and intent of we the people, thinking they can hide their treachery under shrouds of secrecy.

It's not often you'll find me quoting from left-wing Daily Kos, but when I do, it's probably a sign how far out of line things really are.

This is one of those occasions, as Kos details the odd and unsettling secrecy surrounding the emerging Trans Pacific Partnership trade pact:
Senators are forced to go into a classified viewing room in order to read the full text of the document, but are not allowed to bring in key staff or take notes on what is included in the bill text.  Not only this, but as you would assume for classified documents, elected officials are unable to speak to anyone without proper security clearance about the specific details of the trade negotiations without suffering potential criminal legal ramifications. This becomes a serious issue when dealing with complicated and technical negotiations regarding the largest trade deal in American history.  It also raises serious questions about the legislative process and democracy generally when the public is unable to view the content of a bill introduced in Congress, but foreign government officials and private corporations are.
We're not talking nuclear secrets or national security. This is supposed to be a trade treaty. And Republicans have locked arms with Obama to push it forward with deeper secrecy and less accountability than even most among the president's own party will tolerate.

The Republicans now in lockstep with Obama are the same ones who last year assured us we could trust them to hold Obama's rogue actions in check if only we gave them a senate majority.

Now that they have that majority, these Republicans snuggle up close to the president's agenda and press it forward in ways even Democrats seem to know is unwise.

We're witnessing fundamental change in American government. And no, it's not one working in favor of we the people. Quite the opposite, actually.  

Another knife in the back

Last year, the Republican establishment assured Americans the best way to hold rogue Obama presidential actions in check was to vote in a Republican controlled senate to work in concert with a Republican controlled House.

Post election passage of CRominbus, rising out of the Republican House late last year that including funding for key Obama programs, was the first major sign of how badly we'd been snookered.

Then came passage of longer term funding, facilitated by Republicans in Congress, for Obama's executive amnesty program that Republicans campaigned last year saying they'd stop.


Senate Republicans soundly just gave Obama wider executive powers to "fast-track" a secretive new trade deal that even the president's own party says is poison to America.

Thanks to Congressional Republican stupidity, the anti-Obama voter in 2016 may also be an anti-Republican one as well.

How much more harm can Obama do now that he has McConnell in the Senate and Boehner in the House working in full complicity toward what Obama once called his plan to fundamentally change the United States of America?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Water gun ban

The Boy Scouts have banned squirt gun fights, apparently because pointing a water gun at someone is not a kind act. 

Do scouts still offer "totin chips" - the privilege of packing and using a knife or an ax after passing a test demonstrating knowledge of proper protocol and rudimentary skill?

I'm fearing the "totin' chip" may be the next to be banned in the increasing PC Boy Scouts.

Or maybe it'll be campfires. After all, fire is scary and dangerous. And, in the minds of many, especially progressives, probably contributes to global warming.

Twisted justice

Questions are raised.

Is Baltimore's prosecutor seeking justice in prosecuting cops in the Freddie Gray case?

Or is she more motivated in seeking to rescue her husband's political career?

The Daily Caller notes:
In the May 8 motion, the officers’ attorneys argued that Mosby was biased against their clients because her husband, Nick Mosby, is a city councilman who represents the area where Gray was arrested and where riots occurred. The argument was that Nick Mosby would suffer politically if the officers were not charged in the case and that charges would help quash civil unrest in his district.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rand Paul's big miss

Don't think Rand Paul's gonna woo many voters with his latest attempt at anti-Hillary spin..

“I’ll ask Hillary Clinton, what have you done for criminal justice? Your husband passed all the laws that put a generation of black men in prison. Her husband was responsible for that,” Paul is quoted as saying at TheHill.com.


Maybe Paul's not old enough to remember how out of control some of America's urban centers were in the early 1990s. Gangs were running wild, the crack epidemic was taking a mounting toll.

I was a news reporter in Atlanta in the early '90s,, and I recall how gangs controlled many an Atlanta public housing project. As a reporter in the city then, I recall several cops being killed in the line of duty. And there were what almost became "routine" drug related killings, not always confined to the "bad" 'hoods.

Rand Paul now plays the revisionist historian in the worst way. And Rand has to know, in the '90s, Bill Clinton was just one of the players behind tougher laws that helped, for the time, turn back a tide of violent crime that definitely needed turning back.

Many of the tough anti-crime legislation of the '90s were passed on the state level, California's "three strikes" law is just one example. And Bill Clinton was not in the mix.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Looks like it might rain

It's been a week or more without meaningful rainfall.

Now the wind's blowing. Sky looks promising.

But the Weather Channel gives rain a zero percent chance in this Sunday 5 o'clock hour here in this Atlanta suburb.

 I set up a couple of rain barrels last week. Would love a chance to check their fill rate.

Update: We're about 30 minutes into a decent little shower that started just before 6 o'clock. No need to run sprinklers tonight.

Indoctrination. I see no other explanation

Via Twitter:

And no, the unfounded adoration isn't just confined to Hillary. DC's full of these people. And they're not just Democrats.


The university graduating Class of 2015 is the most indebted in history.

And Bill Bonner notes:
If you’ve studied the sciences or engineering (especially petroleum engineering, according to a study done by Georgetown University) maybe you’ll be able to earn enough to pay back your student debt. 
But most of you have wasted your money with degrees in subjects that won’t help you understand the real world we live in or earn an extra dime in it. 
Many of you have spent the best years of your lives… and borrowed a fortune… to learn things that aren’t true.
A second installment of Bonner's student debt tirade can be found here.

I can't imagine what it's like to be a new grad today. Racking up all that debt, only to find you're no better than a rat on the thread mill, and even then, can't keep up.

Hints of a fascist transformation

If America hasn't turned fascist, why do our leaders now speak and act like fascists?