Friday, February 25, 2011

Begging for food

Had a guy come to the door of rental property I own. Said "food was running short" at his house.

First he asked for work. When told I had none, he asked if I'd meet him at a nearby convenience story and buy him a loaf of bread or some bologna.

He didn't ask for cash.

Would have liked to help. But I don't know what this guy's situation really is. And I can't encourage beggars coming to the front door of a house where a new family is about to move in.

A couple years ago, you might have seen panhandling at the nearby Interstate exit ramp. Maybe some at a bus stop. But never at a front door stoop.

Hard times are evident.

And from my street level view, I see very few - if any - signs to suggest a local economy in recovery.

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