Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Code Pink on tour in Cairo


Does this suggest some kind of connection with Egyptian protests and U.S. activists?

Code Pink's Medea Benjamin reports from Tahrir Square

A Code Pink photo collection suggests they've been on the ground there since January 28.'s Egypt on Flickr 

What's Code Pink 'tweeting' to the faithful?

Stuff like:

codepinkalert CODEPINK
Activist: Tear Gas, Tanks, Concussion Grenades Used Against Egyptian Protesters Are Made in US 

codepinkalert CODEPINK 
Uprisings in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt -- America Is Paying the Price for Supporting Corrupt Dictators 

codepinkalert CODEPINK 
RT @blogdiva: THIS IS *HUGE* Local police in #Cairo taking off uniforms 2 battle #Egypt Army: #Jan25 is officially insurgency vs tyranny 

codepinkalert CODEPINK 
Beyond Egypt #Jan25, hashtag dates already planned for protests - Sudan #Jan30 Yemen #Feb3 Syria #Feb5 Algeria #Feb12 -- Know any others? 

codepinkalert CODEPINK 
@MedeaBenjamin in Tahrir Square: A group of women ran up, started hugging us saying tell Obama pull $$ now & save lives 

So why's the left-leaning media get all worked up when conservatives suggest there may be ties between the so-called U.S. 'progressive' (radical left) figures and the uprisings in the Middle East?

Obviously, there's nothing to suggest that...

Except maybe the pictures and postings they've put on-line.

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