Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Democrats borrow from the U.K. for convention branding

 The People's Convention.

That's how Obama Democrats are branding their 2012 Democratic National Convention just announced for  Charlotte, North Carolina.

So much for orginality. Radical socialists in England have used "People's Convention" as a banner for years.

George Orwell warned of the U.K.'s People's Convention in 1941, saying "thousands of simple minded people are taken in by the appealing programme of the People's Convention and do not realize it is a defeatist manoeuver..."

And it's not just a title from distant history. Use of the term "People's Convention" has recently seen a resurgence in the U.K.:

If "Win the Future" (WTF) was bad, "The People's Convention" is worse.

Do Democrats have no sense of history? Perhaps it's even more scary if they do.

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