Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The NRA called today

A very nice lady called me on behalf of the NRA today. She implored me to renew a long-lapsed membership.

She told me it was important because the United Nations was trying to take away our gun rights, and that Obama wouldn't stand in the way.

I told her the NRA needed to pay less attention to the UN and more attention to events unfolding with the ATF along the Arizona border. Stuff like the circumstances surrounding guns recovered at the Brian Terry murder scene, or the ATF's  proposed reporting rule for multiple rifle buys in our border states.

While expressing gratitude the NRA finally had a statement last week concerning Sen. Chuck Grassley's  probe triggered by ATF whistleblowers, I told my caller the NRA was way too late in moving on the matter.

C'mon, NRA. Don't waste my time with some old UN will take my guns rhetoric, let's see some action on what's playing out behind closed doors in DC this week.

Any chance she'll pass my comments up the NRA's chain of command?


  1. They've been doing exactly that. Never stopped.







  2. What is NEW about the UN wanting to take our guns is this: Clinton is agreeing with them and not standing up to the fact that the USA is fully capable to take care of "what is right for our citizens". This was always done in the past!!