Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So much to talk about

Egypt remains a in a state of uncertainty. Al Jazeera English has been providing unprecedented live coverage.

The Senate Judiciary Committee digs into allegations the ATF inadvertently may have played a role in arming thugs who killed a border patrol agent. Meanwhile the Washington Post calls Operation Gunrunner a "signature program" of the Obama administration.

Mayor Bloomberg sends his secret agents to buy guns in Arizona.

Russia apparently gets a chuckle over START's shortcomings as it announces "the ultimate" nuclear warhead delivery system.

And some Tea Party supporters are outraged a university has withdrawn its invitation for Bristol Palin to speak on abstinence. But can anyone who calls himself a fiscal conservative justify the kind of speaking fee Ms. Palin reportedly commands?

These are some of the topics Don and I are kicking around for tonight's show. Join us for live discussion at 8:00 pm EST tonight on TalkSouthRadio.com. We invite your call-in participation at 678-344-9926 when the show gets underway.

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