Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Don and Doug" live tonight (3/17) at 8pm EDT

Tonight's show. Some likely topics:

Are Americans nuts for fretting Japan's leaking radiation might reach our homefront?

Are you fretting over Japan's disasters - yet failing to have a disaster plan to help you cope if crisis hits closer to home?

No radiation, but the economic impact of Japan' triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami and radiation leaks begins showing up in the US. Looks like cars from Japanese automakers may cost a bit more - and soon.

We'll have a looney activist moment-of-the-week. Forget tin-foil hats, this one comes from under the gold dome of the Georgia Capitol.

Other topics as they come up. You never know where things may go as we work together to connect-the-dots.

Give us a call, join the conversation at 8:00 pm EDT. Live call in number is 678-344-9926. If the line's busy, be patient and try again. We may be "phone line challenged" tonight.

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