Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Election day and few showed up

An appalling case of voter apathy today in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Voters were given the chance to fill the unexpired term of the county commission chairman. Four candidates were in the race. But very few voters bothered showing up.

In my precinct of approximately 2500 registered voters, I was the 137th to cast a ballot. And I showed up just 30 minutes before closing time.

But it was also disappointing the county didn't do more to call attention to the election.

The only sign at my precinct was placed in the parking not far from the door.

Obscured by a car, the sign wasn't visible from most the parking lot, let alone the roadside.

 Back by the roadside, the only hint it was election day was one candidate's yard sign.

Usually, this curbside would be lined with multiple signs for each candidate on election day. No so for today's stealthy special election.

Based on media reports and early returns, it appears the turnout was just as meager county-wide.

Results for today's special election are available here.

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