Monday, March 28, 2011

My quick take from the Libya address

The president took so much time to say very little.

This seems to be Mr. Obama's scenario: 

Rebels triggered a revolt to overthrow Gaddafi, and when Gaddafi counter attacked, we denounced Gaddafi's violence and join in on behalf of the rebels. 

Maybe it makes sense in Obama's mind, but... 

Not a single work about who the rebels are, what they stand for, what they seek. 

Obama also neglected to mention his administration recently sought more military aid for Gaddafi's Libya. 


Obama tells us we're inspired by Egypt. 

What part? 

The overthrow of the established government? 

The suspension of the Egyptian constitution? 

The gang rape of a US reporter? 

The post-revolution attacks on Christians, the destruction of churches? 

Inspired by a ruling military junta? 

Allegations of torture, of virginity tests?

Inspired by Muslim Brotherhood's apparent rise in Egypt and across the region? 


Mr. Obama tries to charm us with emotional appeal about helping people. Libyan civilians. 

But he's damn short of facts in explaining anything that's going on. 

Gaddafi's a bad guy. I get that. 

But are we taking a road that trades Gaddafi for another Taliban, or helping to shape an oil-rich clone of Somalia? 

We don't have enough information to venture a guess how this might turn out.

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