Monday, April 4, 2011

Obama's half-hearted reelection kickoff

It was much hyped. And it fell flat.

The Obama team launched its reelection campaign this morning with a video slipped out to supporters under the cover of darkness.

And no wonder.

Not one claim of accomplishment for Mr. Obama's first term.

Mr. Obama doesn't utter a word in this so-called announcement.

It simply features a handful of supporters who talk like they slept through the turmoil of the past two years.

The campaign felt it necessary to include a supporter who proclaims Obama's got a job. She goes on to say the president is too busy to "take time off" to fly around and motivate his supporters. She sounds like she's making excuses for Obama to stay home should local and Congressional Democrats shun Obama support in 2012.

It's a reelection launch without stating a single reason the incumbent deserves another term: No first term accomplishments (other than he got elected), and not one specific goal for a second term.

The kicks-off seems half-hearted. It sets the bar very low.

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  1. It sounds very much like a rerun of the 2008 campaign. The problem they will have is that this time around way too many people will know the facts and not be so easily fooled by abstract blather and rhetoric which is all they have. Where is the beef?