Friday, May 27, 2011

Our thoughts on Palin from last night's show

A caller popped a question about Sarah Palin's apparent move toward entry into the GOP's presidential field at about 84:30 into the time-line of last night's Don and Doug show.

It's available to listen to here. Just click the play button, let the program load, then click the player forward to the Palin section if you like.

Sarah Palin is a strong voice for conservative Republicans. She was an early, out front voice for conservatives when national party leaders overlooked those who would later become known as elements of the Tea Party.

But while she shines as an activist, can Palin translate her popularity into a 2012 candidacy?

In some ways, she seems so "2008" when placed among the field of those already running or others rumored to by eyeing a run.

And we ask what damage may have been done after years of attacks on Palin by the left. Can she successfully reach out to independent voters? Or is she the one candidate ready to deal with the socialist-leaing Democrats head on?

I think we give a balanced discussion of Palin's apparent move towards entry in the race. We planned on discussing the potential Palin candidacy as part of the show, but we're glad a caller brought it up a little sooner than we had it in the rundown.

Other stuff on last night's show:

Looking at the on-going foreclosure situation leads us to believe economy recovery has eluded many sectors. Meanwhile, some sectors that have touted recovery have only accomplished it with artificial government support.

We also took a look at what's reported as President Obama's "under the radar" effort towards more gun control.

Other past Don and Doug programs are available at the website on the archive section of the Program Schedule page.

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