Friday, June 17, 2011

Articulating desperation in America today

Want a taste of the desperation that's out there as a result of America's rotten economy?

Check out this employee who appeared before an Atlanta public hearing as the city considers reforming its pension plan:

(Update: Transcript now available here)

Don Dickinson and I dissected the woman's comments in last night's show.

While she expresses an Obama-like call to spread the wealth around, her desperation and frustration with life and the economy are very real.

It's obvious the Democrats' stimulus and touted economic recovery haven't reached her.

The Obama-induced hope, as expressed by Peggy Joseph at a 2008 campaign rally, is gone.

Stimulus spending didn't work. The economy appears moving into a double dip.

But this time around, patience - as well as our treasury - is exhausted.

The decline of America seems to be coming at an ever increasing pace.

Have you planned for the next leg down?

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  1. Obama, Spending into financial solvency; astonishing.