Friday, June 17, 2011

By request, a transcript

Some have asked for transcipt of the city worker's soundbite comments in my earlier post.

I can't guarantee 100 percent accuracy. But this should be pretty close to it:

Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. 
When are you gonna say, 'add something to 'em.'

It's frustrating. It's hell in my heart at night.
I can't sleep. This is a bunch of bullshit. And y'all know it.

You need to hear how employees hurt.
I got two grandchildren that don't have a daddy (unintelligble). I got to be their daddy. 
And then, at the end of the year, I ain't got nothing to provide for 'em. 

You tell me how to provide for 'em, Adrean (Yolanda Adrean, Chair, city council finance committee).
You're living in Buckhead (an affluent northside Atlanta neighborhood), you might got a little money. 

Get us some damn money. Cuz it take money to make it. 

I'm tired of y'all playing games with my heartbeat.
Everyday. Gotta worry about a pension. We gotta be worried about going to work.
We should be worrying about working. Not (??) for a damn pension.

Y'all know it's wrong.
Do the right thing.

Get your heart right, honey.

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