Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is the EPA making a Cloward Piven play against utilities?

New EPA regulations are forcing more utilities to close of more electrical power plants. 

We've posted before about the record number of coal-fired electric plants being forced to shut down due to increasingly stringent enviromental regulations. Today, reports the cost we pay for electricity will likely skyrocket as a result of plant closures.

If the trend of plant closures continues, at some point, we'll end up with insufficient capacity to meet needs. 

The system will be overwhelmed. 

Shut out in the Congress, EPA zealots favoring Cap and Trade are using a regulatory approach to get what they want. They claim new regs are necessary for cleaner air. But what if the goal is something more? What if if a Cloward Piven game is in play to overwhelm the system? 

Perhaps EPA insiders believe sky-high electic bills, coupled with brownouts and blackouts, will eventually deliver  public demand for what is politically out of their reach right now: A government controlled system for the rationing of electrical power. 

For those not prone to conspiracy theories, consider the bottom line:

Government claims to favor a growing economy, while at the same time eliminates energy assets needed to power that growth. And with so many power assets being forced off-line, even our economic status-quo may soon be at risk.

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