Thursday, June 23, 2011

Obama doubles down on his Libyan folly

Bad enough President Obama carried us into an unauthorized war. Now he compounds his mistake by using our strategic oil reserve to mask the damage done.

Chances are good, if left alone, the political situation in Libya would have stabilized. Gaddafi would have remained in power, but Libyan oil would have resumed its flow to Europe.

Instead of driving Gaddafi from power, NATO's bombing in Libya has resulted in significant long-term oil supply disruptions.

The International Energy Agency is stepping in to supply 60 million barrels of oil to offset lost production. Mr. Obama has pledged 30 million barrels from America's strategic reserve as part of the effort.

This is not a wise move.

With current levels of unrest and uncertainty in the Middle East, this is not a time to draw down America's reserves for anything less than a full-scale meltdown crisis.

Mr Obama's use of our strategic supply compounds his Libyan folly.

Congress must act quickly to use the War Powers Act to reign in the president's actions.

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