Thursday, June 23, 2011

Obama's gaffe at Fort Drum

No excuse. Absolutely no excuse for Thursday's gaffe by President Barack Obama at Fort Drum, New York.

Don Dickinson, a retired US Army Colonel of Infantry, says those responsible for the president's remarks should resign after the president's blunder.

Here's about five minutes of Don's rant from Thursday's Don and Doug show:

The complete show is available here:

Our segment on Fort Drum begins about 42 minutes into the program.

As for the president's comment to soldiers that "I've got your back," Don says that's something a senior would never say to a junior in the army. Completely inappropriate coming from the Commander in Chief.

Update 6/24/20011:

ABC News reports President Obama has apologized to the family of Jared Monti:

On his Facebook page this evening, Monti's father, Paul, posted: "FYI- President Barack Obama telephoned me personally this afternoon to apologize for his error in his speech to the 10th mountain division re: Jared's medal ceremony. Apology accepted."

The apology still doesn't explain the sloppiness by those at the White House who planned the President's visit to Fort Drum or prepared his remarks.

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  1. I saw that on TV yesterday and was thinking "what the heck was that?" Glad I wasn't the only one wondering.
    As for the "drawdown" - it appears that there is some number crunching and spin ongoing... how convenient to make it appear better right before the election. And the Dems think that the Afghani's don't know how all this works?
    Thanks for your comments and your show. I am enjoying it! Dr. Rebecca Gimenez