Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tonight's (June 23) topics for Don and Doug

Update: The White House decision regarding the strategic oil reserve is now in tonight's mix as well.

We're on at 8:00pm EDT on Among tonight's topics:

Obama's troop draw-down:  He started with 36,000 troops in Afghanistan. Bumped levels up to 100,000. Now says he'll bring 33,000 home. That still leaves forces on the ground nearly double what Obama started with. Exit strategy or political gimmick?

Unlike the Bush surge in Iraq, the Afghanistan surge resulted in greatly higher US casualties, and the casualty numbers remain much higher today then when Obama took office.
The Obama administration's has instituted a new policy of 'prosecutorial discretion' when it comes to immigration reform. Some say it's a 'Dream Act' by executive order. Is this designed to counter state efforts to crack down on illegal immigration?
The ATF appears in disarray. Sources said the acting director would resign. But he says no. Does this suggest the administration can't figure out how to contain an ever escalating scandal? 
The darn economy won't cooperate. Bernanke admits things are beyind his grasp.

Meanwhile, Dems are calling for another stimulus! Think of it as additional props for their Potemkin recovery. Without stimulus, the illusion of recovery likely will fail to extend through the election.
And we'll update where Congress stands on enforcing the War Powers Act. Speaker Boehner tried sitting in the middle, but House members now push for limits on Libyan intervention. Don't look for GOP leadership in the senate to provide clear direction.

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