Thursday, June 16, 2011

Topics for tonight (June 16) with Don and Doug

Plenty to talk about this week. Here are a few of the likely topics for tonight's show on

Obama gets some ridicule for his comment about ATMs stealing jobs. Most assume it was simply a flippant remark. But the comment may have its roots in a clearly documented Marxist philosophy. We'll explore it.

Why have members of Congress had to resort to the courts to enforce aspects of the War Powers Act? Why has House leadership failed to act with its designated authority?

We'll also have some reaction to the New Hampshire GOP debate. Was it a valuable means to inform voters? Or are debates this early a media attempt to limit the field and shape opinion? We note Democrats wasted no time taking the debate's content out of context.

And we'll have a raging soundbite from an Atlanta City Council public hearing. Lookout, Buckhead. At least one city employee wants more of your money.

Have a topic you'd like to talk about?

The call-in number for tonight's show is 678-344-9926.  Don and I will be live starting at 8:00 pm EDT.

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