Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Buck a bullet tax

Taxing ammunition at a dollar a round.

Otis Rolley, a candidate for Mayor in Baltimore, is proposing just that.

Tuesday, the Rolley campaign pitched the bullet tax as part of what it calls an anti-crime package:
"Increasing the cost of guns won’t work because many criminals don’t
purchase new guns and they can be borrowed or even rented in some areas.
Therefore, as Mayor, Otis will move to impose a $1 per bullet tax (or about $50
per pack).  That will increase substantially the financial cost of committing a
crime and, unlike guns, bullets cannot be shared after their initial use.  This will
also dramatically cut back on the random firings that too often happen around
holidays and celebrations."
The proposal apparently assumes people in Baltimore have no means to escape city limits to buy ammo.  Sounds to me like Rolley and his campaign are merely pandering for financial support from gun control proponents. Maybe he's not even looking for money, just trying to gain a little campaign buzz.

Whatever the case, it's a loser's proposal that simply pitches gun control through a back door for law abiding citizens. And reflects that many in government, or aspiring to be there, put no limits on at how high a level they're willing to tax. A $50 tax on a box of 22 Long Rifle ammo that now sells for about $2.99? Gimme a break.

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