Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DeKalb residents unhappy with tax hike plan

The first of three planned public hearings took place this morning over DeKalb County's plan to boost its property tax millage rate.

And it sounds like DeKalb residents aren't buying the pitch.

A report on the session from AJC.com is available here.

And here's a link to WSB TV's report.

In WSB's report, County Commissioner Lee May says. at current rates, county tax revenues would be reduced to 2005-2006 levels. May says those levels would be unsustainable because of what he calls "growth in the county."

Growth? Has Commissioner May driven DeKalb?

When was the last time he saw new construction?

There appear to be more vacant homes, vacant stores and vacant industrial buildings than there were in 2006.  Schools have been closed. Bus lines cut. These signs usually signal decline and contraction. Not growth.

If DeKalb's seen growth, let's see some details.

But if DeKalb's contracting, government should shrink to the level comparable to what private sector. Raising taxes in a contracting economy only accelerates further decline.

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