Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don and Doug tonight (July 28)

Plenty to talk about tonight on Don and Doug. Here are just a few starters:

Brian Williams opened NBC Nightly News on Monday stating as fact that "any rational person" favors a boost in the national debt ceiling. It's just another confirmation many in big media are mouthpieces for big government.

We now exist in an era of crisis induced government. No one's working on a real solutions. Those holding office are coming up with plans that merely deliver elements of one agenda or another while assuring there's another crisis down the road to give them another opportunity to extract more from us later.

No one has yet to pitch a plan that actually shrinks the federal debt. The plans pitched so far only slow the rate at which it will grow. And that's only if Congress in the future abides by whatever plan is passed.

The bottom line: Congress still doesn't have the will to face up to fiscal reality. It's merely rearranging a few deck chairs. We're not getting a fix. We're getting a Band-Aid to get us through (or at least closer to) the 2012 November elections.

What appears to be a vacant truck freight depot in Sharonville, Ohio
Meanwhile, I'm just back from a short road trip to Cincinnati. I'll share some observations about what I saw: Things like more retail and industrial space appears to be vacant than last year, and thrift stores appear to be a hit with shoppers as families prep for back to school. I'll expand on some of this tonight as well.

Join us tonight at 8:00pm EDT as we walk about these and other topics. You can hear us by clicking here, or going to the main show site at and clicking on the Listen Live icon. Join the conversation if you can. The call in number is 678-344-9926.

Until tonight's show, last week's Don and Doug remains in replay.

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