Friday, July 15, 2011

Government debt as a population controlling strategy

Here's something to ponder:
"Debt is not universally interpreted as a sign of failure on the part of government planners.  On the contrary, it becomes a weapon used to demand more taxes."  
The thought comes from John Hayward who expands on the idea at Human Events.

Hayward sees things long hidden to many of us by our prejudice of patriotism and our long-ingrained beliefs in the America we grew up in. We've taken too much for granted for too long. Our trust in government has been exploited by people President Obama calls professionals.

It's time to shake off our blinders, and get past any lingering assumptions about good or honest government.

It makes perfect sense that many in government now see debt by design as a means to extort resources to grow even  bigger government. If this is the case, governments (local, state and national) will continue to outspend their revenues only to demand taxpayers cough up cash for another emergency fix.

Let's take a cue from history: Appeasement doesn't work.

It's time we demand our elected leaders return to Lincoln's ideal of government of the people, by the people and for the people. Despite what self-proclaimed professionals tell us, good government requires citizen participation to ensure it does not perish from this earth.

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