Sunday, July 10, 2011

If you wonder why things aren't working...

It's clear to most of us government is in over its head. Democrats and Republicans alike promised too much, delivered more than government could afford, and what government delivered wasn't been done especially well.

Now that we see the big government model is flawed, you'd think the ones holding power might try to fix things.

Naw. That would require hard decisions. Might make someone unhappy. Cost a vote here or there.

So, the theater of politics gives us another play. The elected and their appointees give us a dance around the issues of taxation and budget cuts.

At the end of the play, they're probably still racking up more debt that they're cutting.

Keep kicking the can.

What's the plan when the can hits a wall? Or goes over a cliff. Sooner or later, without major intervention, it's going to happen.

Have you given any thought what it might mean for you and your family when it does?

If you knew a hurricane or a swarm of tornadoes was heading your way, you would take appropriate action.

An economic storm warning requires similar due diligence.

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