Friday, July 8, 2011

Media Marxist raises rhetoric on Georgia immigration

There was a big rally last week as the political left protested Georgia's anti-illegal immigration law.

A Workers World article seems to promise more to come:
Volunteers are coming from throughout the country this summer to help build local resistance to HB 87 and other anti-immigrant legislation. A campaign to identify “BuySpots” and “Sanctuary Zones” will identify businesses that agree to publicly oppose HB 87 by refusing to allow police into their establishments to check people’s identification without a warrant and by pledging not to financially support elected officials who promote anti-immigrant legislation...

It is hot in Georgia during any summer, but this summer the heat will be on right-wing politicians, spotlighted by a rising people’s movement engaging thousands of workers, youth and women. They are stepping out of the shadows, undocumented and unafraid.
The writer of the Workers World article is Dianne Mathiowetz, an activist long associated with Leftist organizing in Atlanta. She's been other places too. Two years ago, Atlanta Progressive News reported Mathiowetz lost a finger in an accident while working with Brigadistas in Cuba.

For years, Mathiowetz has campaigned for Marxist ideals. In 1999, she wrote:
Karl Marx and Frederick Engels never saw the inside of a modern auto factory. They never felt the heat or smelled the fumes of huge robot spot welders. 
But they profoundly understood the situation of the working class when they closed this revolutionary pamphlet, this guide for liberation, with the call for workers of the world to unite.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.
How many of those rushing to join the current immigration protests understand the larger ideology of some of those who are pushing the cause?  

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