Thursday, July 21, 2011

Old Glory triggers Republican leanings

Just seeing the Stars and Stripes causes voters - even Democrats - to be more likely to vote Republican.

A professional journal of the Association For Psychological Science cites a study that says just that:
"Psychological scientists Travis Carter (University of Chicago, Center for Decision Research), Melissa Ferguson (Cornell University), and Ran Hassin (Hebrew University) challenge the notion that subtle cues in the environment can’t (or don’t) significantly alter people’s political judgments in their article “A Single Exposure to the American Flag Shifts Support Toward Republicanism up to 8 Months Later.'"
U.S. News and World Report cites from the now published study:
“A single exposure to an American flag resulted in a significant increase in participants’ Republican voting intentions, voting behavior, political beliefs, and implicit and explicit attitudes, with some effects lasting 8 months,” the study found. “These results constitute the first evidence that nonconscious priming effects from exposure to a national flag can bias the citizenry toward one political party and can have considerable durability.”
Does this precinct sign instill voter bias?
Why would the flag increase the likelihood someone would vote Republican?

Is it as simple as people perceive Republicans are more in line with the values and traditions most associated with America and its flag?

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