Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rally against Georgia's immigration law - The abridged version

Opponents of Georgia's HB87 vowed to rally at the state capitol again today.

And apparently they did. According to, more than five tour buses delivered protesters to the capitol steps for rally that lasted "nearly" an hour.

That seems like a lot of buses for an hour event.

Maybe they had other plans to round out the afternoon.

Lunch. Six Flags. Maybe the aquarium.

I have no idea where demonstrators went after their rally. Maybe they just went home. I do know not a soul was left when I cruised past the capitol around half past one.

The rally had been promoted in advance as running from noon til 3:00pm.

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  1. The left has long had ideas that have no basis in reality that produce no real accomplishment. Perhaps they have now extended that concept to rallies that have no basis in reality. If the leftist rally falls in Atlanta and no one hears or sees it, is it just as real in the fantasy land of the left?