Friday, July 1, 2011

Things I saw and heard in Myrtle Beach

We're just back from a few days at Myrtle Beach, SC.

Very low key. We stayed in our vintage camper (no air conditioning) at the beach-side state park.

One morning, we took in a sunrise. My 10-year-old daughter and I tried our skill at skipping shells in the surf.

We did venture away from the park for a couple meals out. And spent an evening at an old-style seaside amusement park.

You'd think the week before July 4th would be prime vacation time. But many oceanfront hotels advertised "walk in" specials. Yes, there was foot traffic on the sidewalks and in the shops. But not what I'd call crowds.

One 18-year resident confirmed my suspicion. It's another slow summer for the tourist trade. Been slow for three years now, he said.  

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