Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Topics for Thursday (7/14) with Don and Doug

Obama tells us to get our noses out of government affairs. He comes right out to our faces and says we're not as bright as government elites. Obama expresses an ideology that's a complete one-eighty from what the founding fathers intended.

Government's grasp of control isn't just about government anymore. It's trickled down to our most simple personal choices. Obama's energy secretary, Stephen Chu, makes it clear. We'll have a recap.

Earlier today, I posted a thought on Twitter:
Tactics are different, but I suspect Obama may fancy himself as an American Castro: Father of a centrally planned US socialist revolution.
Do you think it's true? Possible? Or should they hang my mugshot next to Joe McCarthy's in some hall of infamy?

Meanwhile, government and the Fed run out of excuses for why there's no economic rebound. Bernanke suggests some "untested" remedies may be necessary. Translated, he's saying they've lost control. The Keynesian steps taken early have bled our resources, and there's little left to counter the next leg down.

That's my top hits topic list. Leave a comment, drop a line or give us a call if you have others.

We hope to have some replacement gear arrive in the morning in advance of Thursday night's show. If it does, and it checks out, we'll be back to taking live callers at 8:00pm EDT. We'll keep you posted.

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