Monday, July 11, 2011

A union's jobs openings in Atlanta and elsewhere

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees has a job opening in Atlanta for an office assistant. Salary range: $29,869 to $50,287 for someone to answer phones, keep petty cash, and do other typical office duties.

Field Office Assistant I (Atlanta, GA)
Department:Organizing & Field Services
Salary Range:$29,969 – $50,287
I'm thinking small business or government would go broke fast trying to match what the union pays. Here are just some other jobs posted on the union's employment site as of July 11, 2011:
Journey/Lead Organizer 
Department:Organizing & Field Services
Salary Range:$59,857 - $104,913

Assistant Director, Editorial and Production
Salary Range:$93,596 - $126,008

Area Organizing Director
Department:Organizing & Field Services
Salary Range:$91,885 – $123,703
Plenty more jobs with similar high salaries are posted at the link provided above.

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