Monday, July 18, 2011

Weiss expands on US downgrade

Martin Weiss expands on last week's Weiss Ratings downgrade of US debt.

In his free daily financial e-newsletter, Money and Markets, Weiss offers his thoughts on how government debt may impact individuals' investment portfolios.

I'm not endorsing Weiss' pitch for his paid services contained in his freebie letter, but I think there's enough meat in the free content to warrant at least a quick scan. Today's (July 18) edition can be found here.

For years, I've had the Weiss freebie delivered daily to my email. And I've learned a lot from it. Weiss was among the first to warn of a coming real estate crash. Check out this posting from 2005: Housing Market Bust. How many others put out so clear a warning so far in advance?

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