Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's on tap for Thursday's (July 7) show

Plenty of grim economic news the past week or so. We're getting a better picture of how grim things really are especially in terms of employment. We'll dish some of the latest data. 

For example:

While President Obama attacks tax breaks for corporate jets, job losses in that industry (aerospace) are up more than 240 percent compared to last year. 

Corporate jets are just one example of the escalating class warfare rhetoric. We'll dig into some of that as well.

Meanwhile, local goverments struggle to meet payrolls. One metro Atlanta county has proposed a tax hike to make ends meet. A county commissioner justifies it. He says growth makes it impossible to return to 2006 spending levels. If you've seen growth in DeKalb County, Georgia - please call in Thursday night. I've been looking for it, haven't seen it.

I drove from metro Atlanta to Myrtle Beach, SC last week. About 500 miles of the more than 700 mile trek was make on back roads and two lane highways. Even something as simple as a cross country drive gave me a couple of economic indicators. And they weren't good. 

This is just a preliminary list of potential topics. Plenty more to talk about. Join Don Dickinson and myself at 8:00pm EDT Thursday as we attempt to connect the dots in these perilous times.

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