Thursday, August 18, 2011

My cat and cancer story

Did you see this story from Reuters?

Study finds that sniffer dogs can smell out lung cancer 

I don't doubt it one bit.

Nearly four years ago, a tiny bump appeared on my neck. I dismissed it as a lymph node allergic reaction. My cat didn't.

Thumper, my cat with attitude and a gift

Darn cat began to harass the lump and me. He'd swat it, or gently touch it with his paw when within reach.

If I was sleeping, he would give me kittycat body slams to the neck. Literally throw himself at the lump.

Okay, cat. If it bugs you so much, I'll get it checked.

Turns out it was cancer. Started in a tonsil. Spread to the lymph node.

But we caught it in time. No sign of recurrence since my treatment, using both radiation and chemo, wrapped up three years ago last May.

The cat's obsession stopped shortly after treatment began.

So, I'm a big believer that some animals can, at times, detect cancer.

And yes, I dearly love my cat.

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