Monday, August 22, 2011

FBI team targets Georgia corruption

The Associated Press broke a story this morning that the FBI has created a special squad to investigate corruption among Georgia's legislators and judges.

No hint in the story what corruption is alleged, or who the targets may be.

But it is an interesting development in our era of hyper-partisan politics.

The FBI falls under the domain of the Democrat-controlled Department of Justice in Washington.

Georgia's state government is overwhelmingly in the hands of elected Republicans.

Who knows, maybe the FBI is going after corrupt Democrats. Years ago, a Republican appointed U.S. Attorney named Bob Barr targeted public corruption by going after Democrats and Republicans alike. Republican Congressman Pat Swindall was the biggest to fall as the result of those corruption probes.

But, in this hyper-partisan climate, there's a part of me suspicious of a Democrat-controlled federal government that now sees fit to target a state where all state-wide elected officials, and a majority of the legislature, are Republican. Especially when it goes about it in a very public way.

The public push comes with a major election just over a year away. That's plenty of time to bring indictments. But would it give enough time to allow the accused to have resolution in court prior to the big vote?

No word if similar FBI squads are being formed in other states.

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