Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hope dashed. What's next?

We hate to say we told you so. But we probably will.

Tonight's Don and Doug looks back at the dastardly debt deal passed by Congress.

Our hopes had been raised by the Republicans. But in the end, it was all high theater. What we got in the end  was the kind of surrender they would never have dared pitched had the debt issue not been manipulated into a short-term crisis.

But the deal's devils go beyond money. There's this thing in the bill called a Super Congress. It looks like  Congress gave itself an excuse to take us even father in the wrong direction. And what little representation you had left in DC just got shredded.

At least more Americans now have some idea how poorly the country's being run. The question is how much time do we have left? Ratings agencies and others are unhappy with the way the nation's finances continue to deteriorate. But on the other hand, more borrowing may mean we see another year masquerading as normal. And Obama's now got the cash to resume funding his efforts to fundamentally transform America.

These topics - and more - are on tap for tonight's (August 4) Don and Doug at 8:00pm EDT.

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