Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is government a family?

The Obama administration seems to think so.

Fox (and former CNN) correspondent Ed Henry just made the following observations on Twitter:
edhenryTV Ed Henry
@edatpost notes that federal agencies, esp @FEMA, started branding of "Federal Family" and now WH is picking up on it
1 minute ago

edhenryTV Ed Henry
WH press office just sent 14-pager on what they call "Federal Family's Preparations & Response" to #Irene. People dislike gov't, drop name
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edhenryTV Ed Henry
Branding alert: Interesting how WH dropped word "government" out of talk of fed government's response to #Irene. Calling it "federal family"

Alas, it appears the public's perception of government has fallen so low under this administration that the administration now avoids even using the word.

But it's more than that. Does anyone beside me find it kind of creepy the Obama team is trying to sell us on its style of Big Brother federal government as "family"?

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