Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Democrat math: A 12 percent majority?

Defenders of Democrats and the unions claim a couple of quotes from Labor Day were taken out context.

They're talking about Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa Jr.'s comment about "sons of bitches" in reference to conservatives, and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden calling unions a private force to stop conservative "barbarians at the gate."

Many conservatives found the comments offensive, some seeing them as thuggish threats to those who stand in opposition to the Democrats' political machine.

However, Democrat apologists contend Hoffa  and Biden were merely exhorting union members to express themselves through the lawful political process.

But do the math.

Union members account for less than twelve percent of the American work force.

Do Hoffa and Biden really think twelve percent of the U.S. workforce has the power to carry elections? The union force carries some sway, but - as we saw in Wisconsin - even where unions have larger percentages and strong organisations, they also have vulnerabilities.

It remains to be seen how the left will deploy the union's twelve percent, but when Mr. Biden says this is different kind of fight, it seems to suggest he'd like to see unions and their members used for more than politics as usual.

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