Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mass arrests in Wall Street occupation

An eventful Saturday for many of those still participating in what's been called a Wall Street Occupation.

The anti-Wall Street activists have posted video on YouTube:

The New York Times reports about 80 people were arrested.

Initially, protest organizers called for 20,000 to take part in a long-term Wall Street protest which began on September 17.  Most estimates put top participation at the kick-off at no more than a thousand to 1,500. The  BBC reports that, at the time of Saturday's march, protester numbers had fallen to about 200. The New York Post estimated Saturday's participation at about 500.

The Wall Street occupation has been organized by sometimes shadowy groups which often seem to have a leftist or anarchist ideology. A similar protest is planned by aligned organizers beginning October 6th in Washington DC.

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