Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Newt I remember

Newt Gingrich showed some of his old fire tonight in Reagan Library GOP presidential debate.

When asked about health care by co-moderator John Harris of, Gingrich opened up on Obamacare. And gave a blistering scolding to the questioner while he was at it.

Later in the debate, when asked about Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Gingrich opened up again: 

“I would fire him tomorrow. I think he’s been the most inflationary, dangerous, and power-centered chairman of the Fed in the history of the Fed. I think the Fed should be audited. 

“I think the amount of money that he has shifted around in secret, with no responsibility and no accountability, no transparency, is absolutely antithetical to a free society. And I think his policies have deepened the depression, lengthened the problem, increased the cost of gasoline, and been a disaster.”

Yes, Gingrich used the term depression to describe the economy. 

Newt stands little to no chance of winning the nomination. But I'm glad he's sticking with the race.

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