Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Nobody in this country got rich on his own"

So-called consumer advocate and Massachusetts candidate for U.S. Senate Elizabeth Warren unloads on the rich.

In Warren's mind, the rich can keep "a big chunk" of what they make, but the rest belongs to big government.

Her comments about "fair taxation" start at about 50 seconds in on this YouTube video:

People like Warren never consider that many of those she calls the rest of us pay taxes from money paid to them by the companies that employ them. In other words, businesses are already indirectly paying the share of  taxes Warren accuses them of shirking.

Progressives like Warren also never mention that many workers who fall below tax thresholds pay no income tax at all.

Warren's is a twisted vision of America.  In Warren's mind, it seems big government came first to America, set up shop, built infrastructure, and then invited business in as an afterthought.

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