Sunday, October 2, 2011

700 Wall Street "Occupiers" arrested in NYC. What comes next?

The anti-capitalist Wall Street Occupation still isn't getting a lot of national coverage.

Maybe that will change now that 700 demonstrators were arrested Saturday on the Brooklyn Bridge.

The New York Times reports the demonstrators complain police allowed them onto the bridge before encircling them with big orange nets.

A similar "occupation" protest sets up camp in Washington DC later this week.

Iran-based Press TV reports these "revolts" will spread to 40 cities in October.

Meanwhile, former Obama adviser Van Jones says "everybody should hold onto your seats," that "October is going to be the turning point in the progressive fight-back." Is Jones' assessment based in reality? Or just another example of loony progressive overreach?

Jones also specifically mentions the Wall Street protest as one sign of building progressive momentum.

It would be easier to figure out what we're dealing with if we knew how closely these groups were aligned, and to what extent they've coordinated various plans for protest with what Jones calls "progressive fight-back."

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