Friday, October 14, 2011

EMP Attack

Electromagnetic (EMP) Pulse. Are you familiar with its application as a weapon?

Don Dickinson and I plan an upcoming Don and Doug dedicated to discussion of EMP. We're tentatively targeting a date late this month, with the specific day and time to be announced later.
(Update: Program time October 27, 1pm EDT)

Don has insight few civilians have. In the Army, he was trained as a Prefix-5 officer (Nuclear Weapons Employment Specialist) and has maintained his study of EMP as a weapon ever since.

Some may be familiar with EMP through William Fortschen's book One Second After.

Don believes Fortschen's fictional scenario accurately describes what EMP is capable of. "I am afraid the book is a very plausible description. What makes an EMP attack so devastating for so long is that it breaks civilization physically long enough for society to cross the privation and psycological threshold back to pre-industrial society. Since modern people are not prepared for that, the impact is horrible and long-lasting."

If you want to do some prep prior to the show, pick up a copy of Fortschen's book. It's available at many libraries.

If there's a specific EMP question you have, let us know in advance. Make a comment, or send us an email. Or leave a voice message for possible use in the show by calling 404-981-1775. We also plan to take live calls during the program.

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