Monday, October 24, 2011

EMP on Thursday

As previously announced, Don and I will focus on EMP during Thursday's show.

The use of EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) has caught the attention of U.S. military planners in recent years.

Consider this portion of an assessment excerpted from a 2005 report prepared at the U.S. Air War College:

Certainly, adversaries learned from Saddam’s poor decision to face  American forces head-on and will increasingly employ asymmetric attacks to defeat U.S. forces in the future.  Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons  represent one of the most likely and potentially devastating opportunities for this type of attack in the near future.  Ranging from sophisticated  intercontinental nuclear weapons specifically designed to generate EMP effects to relatively crude and cheap electromagnetic bombs, these  weapons can destroy all electronic devices within a target area as small as an automobile or as large as the continental United States.  As U.S. forces continue to modernize and rely on electronic systems for effectiveness, it will become increasingly probable that an adversary will use EMP to strike at America’s Achilles’ heel.
The assessment, written by Major Colin R. Miller, USAF, goes on to state:
EMP poses a massive threat to U.S. theater operations through its potential to isolate forces and deny access to regions, its ability to nullify the U.S. technology advantage, and its potential to produce a devastating national catastrophe.  Even more ominous is the fact that the means to produce EMP effects, both nuclear and  non-nuclear, are proliferating.

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