Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Occupy analysis on this week's 'Don and Doug'

Some of the stuff we'll talk about Thursday (October 20) at 1:00pm EDT: 

A professional analysis of Occupy Wall Street participation was released this week by a Bill Clinton pollster. This isn't a Tea Party.
The professional protest lefties continue to act as if civil authority will collapse and join the Occupy ranks. Michael Moore pleads for the police to cross over, while others continue to fantasize the Marines will cross over. We're not kidding

The week brought another clue to how closely aligned some in Obama's OFA are linked with Occupy - and with Communist activists. Again, we wouldn't kid you.
While the protests appear to be significant - at least as far as catching national attention - we need to avoid tunnel vision. The economy continues to crumble. And our gov't deficits are breaking records - despite all the lies about cuts earlier this year. 
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