Thursday, October 6, 2011

Occupy Wall Street, Fast and Furious on today's Don and Doug

Coming up at 1 pm today with Don and Doug:

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More discussion of Occupy Wall Street.  Everything from last night's pushing, shoving and pepper spray in New York to sympathetic protests happening around the country. Are these protests as spontaneous as shadowy organizers would have you believe?

Why would unions commit thousands of members and millions of dollars to back a leaderless movement?

We'll also be getting into the latest on the ATF scandal known as Fast and Furious. Things are heating up as the White House struggles to explain why documents don't seem to match what the attorney general has previously testified under oath.

We've been on the Occupy Wall Street story for over a month now. Long before most media let on something was building. And we've been talking about Fast and Furious (aka Gunwalker) since January when bloggers first raised concerns.

Join us for more cutting-edge discussion of these and other topics today at 1 pm EDT on  Live listener calls are welcome at 678-344-9926.

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Update: President Obama has now scheduled a news conference for 11 am. If he says something worthwhile, or outrageous, we'll work a recap of it  into today's show. We'd love to hear him personally address the latest on Fast and Furious.

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