Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Don and Doug November 17 show pitch

In 1987, ABC ran a mini-series called Amerika. It was a tale about life in the United States ten years after the country fell to UN and Soviet Union (yeah, the Soviets were still around then) control.   The series included examples of reeduction instilled by the Soviets, stuff that seemed  off-the-wall to Americans back then. What's even more amazing is how parts of this  indoctrination have become part of our lives today, and we've done it to ourselves.

We'll have some examples, and kick around how it happened.

We'll also kick around the latest on Occupy Wall Street. November 17 is supposed to be a day of mass action. The AFL-CIO also plans to vie for protest coverage Thursday with a round of bridge occupations in cities around the country, but the union-based We are One demos sound like they're shilling for the president's languishing jobs plan. We'll talk about it.

Economies are continuing to deteriorate, most noticeably in Europe.

And our president seems to think Hawaii's in Asia.

If there's anything else on your mind - bring it to the table. The live call-in number is 678-344-9926. Join us Thursday at 1pm EST for Don and Doug on

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