Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A new round of pro-Obama art

I saw this at
Obama for America invited artists from across the country to volunteer their creativity to support President Obama's jobs plan and the campaign...
The imagery of one contest entry caught my attention.

Is the guy on the phone pole in the upper right tapping my line? Is the park ranger with binoculars on the upper left watching my every move as I hike with my family? 

An industrial scene in the center, perhaps one of making steel, is coupled with an image of a guy in a wheelchair. Was he injured because of an industrial accident, or by a product later litigated to a finding it was defective? 

In the lower center, the man on the computer could be the new Central Planner who's sending directives to the farmer in the field and America's industrial base to his left and right.

To me, the images here don't speak primarily to jobs or productivity. Instead they conjure thoughts of control and big government. Strictly my interpretation, mind you. You're welcome to your own. 

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  1. In Addition: I see a plane spraying Chemtrails. A combine harvesting GMO Monsanto poison crops, a woman bio-enginering a new flu, A teacher brain-washing students with revisionist history, A cop to direct people onto that train, a man making enough soup to feed an entire FEMA camp in one pot (see cop and train). A guy looking porn and a chinese ship in the chinese port of Long Beach. Isn't that the Mrs. Dancing while Roma burns? The kid belongs to the woman working at the nonexistent steel mill whose kid was hurt while she was at work and the nurse is wheeling him into the custody of the CPS.
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