Thursday, November 17, 2011

Socialists and Lincoln

In 1987, ABC TV ran a miniseries set 10 years after a fictional take over of the US by the UN and Soviet Union.

In the series, images of Lincoln are used to validate the Communist indoctrination being forced on the people.

In the series, character Col. Andrei Denisov notes "Symbols can be turned. Who could have imagined Abraham Lincoln being turned on his head"

Here is a Lenin-Lincoln image from Amerika, as well as some popular images presented around the time of Barack Obama's rise to power. The obsession with Lincoln is uncanny.

Amerika/ABC Circle Films

Luce Foundation Center, Smithsonian American Art Museum
Abraham Obama by Ron English


On a related note, some Socialists attempt to make the case Abraham Lincoln was one of their own. Is there any chance some of Mr. Obama's attempts to identify with Lincoln were intended as a double entendre? One designed to portray Obama in step with the traditional understanding of Lincoln to a mainstream audience, but also intended to send a veiled message to a sympathetic Socialist community.

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