Sunday, November 13, 2011

Update on the DC shooting

A few details have been released about the investigation into the apparent firing of an AK-47 "near the White House" Friday night.  U.S. Park Police would like to interview a guy named Oscar Ramiro Ortega. Police say Ortega is 21-years-old. They apparently know he has multiple tattoos, but they don't know where he lives.

Park Police describe Ortega as a "person of interest."

CNN's telling of the story carefully notes  "The man has not been charged or named as a suspect, but he may be linked to a vehicle found nearby, police said."

No word yet on any trace data concerning the rifle reportedly recovered Friday night. Nor do I see at this time any additional reporting about the Idaho tags initially reported to be on the recovered car the night of the shooting. 
Photo: U.S. Park Police

Update (4:25pm 11/13/2011): The U.S. Park Police website has been updated. It now refers to Ortega as a wanted person and says an arrest warrant has been obtained.

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