Monday, December 5, 2011

Central bankers celebrate the Euro

Europe's economies may be in shambles. But the European Central Bank attempts to reassure the continent with a new video to celebrate ten years with the Euro.

I like the opening scenes. Roads and bridges materialize from nothing. I see it as a metaphor for how fiat currencies are created. Question is: With fiat currencies churned out at an ever increasing pace, where are they taking us?

1 comment:

  1. So stylish! So well said! Such provocative images and statistics! Why it must be heralding in a new European Utopia!

    Oh wait! There never has been any European Utopia. Historically all the Utopias ever conceived by the minds of leftist men have ended in the enslavement,degradation, and death of tens of millions of real people.

    Style and symbolism or truth and reality?

    Choose wisely.

    Human nature, like all nature, will not be denied.