Thursday, December 1, 2011

Europe and the Fed to play big on today's "Don and Doug"

Don and I are back today (December) 1st at 1:00 pm EST on There's plenty to talk about:

We've long been warning about the situation in Europe. Now the Federal Reserve and other central bankers have stepped in to provide Europe with more "liquidity." Why the rush to flood the continent with dollars when systemic problems of too much entitlement spending on too little tax revenue haven't been fixed? It's just another chapter in too big to fail. Things there are now rapidly escalating toward a broadening financial crisis.

Dennis Kucinich charges the Federal Reserve has seized control of the government. The congressman from Cleveland may be on to something.

And have you ever thought about how America's emphasis on celebrating cultural diversity may make it possible for government to do as it pleases with little worry the people will stand in the way?

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Update: The December 1st show is available for on-demand listening or download here.

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